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5 Reasons Filipinos Abroad should purchase Pre-Selling Condominiums in the Philippines.

Filipinos Abroad, Work hard abroad to earn for their own families. Although, through their work, some are left without any real investment. Filipinos overseas tend to have a comfortable life in their respective countries, which sometimes leads them to forget about their own personal and financial growth.

One of the safest and greatest way to invest is thru Real-Estate. It is Real, it is Tangible, and it gives you a lot of opportunity to make more Money; in other words, Real Estate is a MULTIPLIER.

Real Estate is ALWAYS a good investment, but often times, people tend to invest in properties which are already existing. In doing so, you cash-out a huge amount of money and find a way to make use of the property immediately. But, there is also another aspect in Real Estate Investment that Filipinos abroad tend to forget, and That is Pre-Selling Condominiums.

Below is a list of reasons why Filipinos Abroad Should Invest in Pre-Selling Condominiums in the Philippines:

1. Economical

Pre-selling Condominiums have the best value in all forms of Real-Estate investment due to its low Introductory Price. Many Pre-Selling properties are sold in form of terms. Since this is a property that has yet to be finished, many developers offer payment plans that only requires you to shell-out monthly payments. This will give Filipino Investors Abroad a feeling of flexibility.

2. Return on Investment

The Value of a pre-selling condominium will continue to appreciate as constructions goes. This secures the return of your initial investment and more. Filipinos Abroad should see this as an excellent investment because out of all the investment options out there, Real Estate gives the highest amount of return with very minimal risk. However, Location plays a huge role in this. Fort Bonifacio and Makati are the greatest places to invest due to its high demand in Local and International Market.

3. Future Money Generator

Pre-Selling Condominiums are future money making machines. As we all know, Philippines has been a favorite destination of people all over the globe. Rental has reached its highest rate ever in Fort Bonifacio, and AirBnb is now the newest & hottest business for Investors alike. Again, Location plays a huge role in making this work. Nonetheless Pre-Selling Condominium gives you time to make your next investment opportunity work.

4. Assurance

Whatever the purpose of your Investment is, Pre-Selling Condominiums give you a sense of security. Property is Real and it is Tangible, you may do whatever you please with your property. Out of all properties being offered, Pre-Selling is the most ideal as it gives you an assurance of what you are buying. You will be updated as to what the development, area, and building will look like. Since Filipinos Abroad, with their busy schedule, tend to visit once or twice a year. Pre-Selling condos give them an assurance of a future Property; in which they can call their home.

5. Freedom of Choice

Pre-Selling gives you a freedom of choice. In other real-estate opportunities, you are given what is left. But in Pre-Selling you have a sense of fulfillment. You may choose where, what, and when. Where your condominium is located, What floor and size you get, and When the ideal turnover is. When the property is handed to the owner, they may reconstruct it with their own preference. Pre-Selling Condominiums give them that freedom that no other investments can.

Filipinos Abroad usually think about buying because they do not entertain the idea of owning a property in their homeland. Which is why, Pre-Selling Condominium is the most ideal way of investments for people as such. Pre-Selling gives them the time to decide what to do next? Should they sell, rent, or use. No matter what it is, once you pen your first pre-selling condominium, it is considered a property already. Trust us, you will never go wrong with Pre-Selling.


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