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Megaworld Fort Bonifacio – A long and rich history

Fort Bonifacio has a long and rich history dating back to the American colonial period, during which it was established as an US military reservation and also during which it was known as Fort William McKinley (Fort McKinley). Sometime after World War II, jurisdiction and rights of Fort McKinley were turned over to the Philippine government. As both the Philippine Army and the Philippine Navy made their homes in the Fort shortly thereafter, it was renamed to Fort Bonifacio, after the Father of the Philippine Revolution and leader of the Katipunan, Andres Bonifacio.

Bonifacio Global City, the name Fort Bonifacio took after a while, has since become a real estate development area and home to companies ranging from the biggest players in the market to the smallest startups itching to disrupt the tradition.

Megaworld Corporation, developer of townships in Eastwood and Greenbelt, was one of the major developers in the early days of BGC, when much of the land was bare grass, where families gathered to fly kites on the weekends. Today, most, if not all, of the once-bare grounds have disappeared, giving way to the growing number of commercial, residential, healthcare, leisure, and office buildings. Today, aside from Megaworld’s very popular Venice Piazza Grand Mall, other noteworthy institutions that now call BGC home are St. Luke’s Hospital, international schools such as British School Manila and the Manila Japanese School, and, recently, the new Philippine Stock Exchange.

As the number of companies relocating to or locating themselves in BGC continues to grow, the need for a solution to the traffic problem that has recently intensified becomes necessary. While the city itself pushes for efforts that would ease the traffic inside BGC, such as the widening of Lawton road in front of McKinley West, the private sector, in particular the real estate sector, is doing what it can to help the country’s fastest-growing central business district improve the lives of its employees by offering estates within BGC itself. These offer respite from the traffic and free up time spent on the road, which can then be used in pursuit of productive things.

Moving forward, a future where time is no longer wasted sitting in traffic is a goal that BGC can level up to achieve, and it can do so with the projects that several developers have already put up and are planning to put up in the city.


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