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Why invest in Park Mckinley West

1. Located in the most exclusive area of Metro Manila.

Park Mckinley West is located at the center of Metro Manila’s most exceptional city. Neighboring Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, Mckinley Hill Village, and Manila Polo Club. Being located in such area already gives you an advantage as an investor. Not only does it increase the value of your property, but it also gives you the assurance of your community. Exclusivity and Elegance is what this means for the future of your property.

2. Designed by Broadway Malyan

Designed by the Award-winning Architecture, Urbanism, and Design company. Megaworld decided to partner with Broadway Malyan to design Park Mckinley West. This is a sign that Megaworld is moving towards the direction of International Inspired Project. Park Mckinley West is said to be a visually stunning residential condominium in Mckinley West.

3. Near the new government establishments

Will be in proximity of the new Supreme Court and House of Senate. This is great news for investors. Being near government facilities makes properties more valuable. There will be a surge of renters and investors. To add, Philippines has been shifting to a tourist-magnet like design for their new government buildings. This is a great opportunity to be one of the first to own properties in the area. The earlier, the better.


4. Will house the only Mall in Mckinley West.

The first 2 floors will be allotted for Mckinley Wests’ Shopping Centre. This is a game changer for investors. We are on the age of access is everything. The closer the property is to the mall, the better. Park Mckinley West is directly on top of the Mall. Breakfast and shopping is just an elevator away.

5. Bonifacio South District

Park Mckinley West will be one of the first project in Bonifacio South. We all know about Bonifacio Global City, but with ever growing business district. Global City has now extended the district to bonifacio south, giving it more room for appreciation. Early-bird investors will have the opportunity to have a rapid increasing property. For speculators, this is the perfect investment. In 4 to 5 years, properties in the area will be much higher.



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