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Why Should You Buy A Pre-Selling Condominium; Park Mckinley West, P28,000 / Month?

By acquiring a pre-selling condominium…

1. You will be able to avail of the introductory price which is normally 30-80% cheaper as compared to a property that has already been built.

2. You get to choose among flexible payment terms such as low or high monthly payment. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy a discounted downpayment price.

3.  Since it is still pre-selling and inventory levels are still high, you have a wide variety of units to choose from. Unlike if you buy from a ready for occupancy condominium where you are left with fewer choices of units.

4. There is a wide range of options that will help you maximize your investment. You can either flip your property (selling your property before the value increases overtime), have it rented out, or apply it to Airbnb.

5. Putting your money in real estate is an excellent investment choice. ‘Always appreciate, never depreciate’. Investing in real estate almost always guarantees good and high returns.

In addition to that, Park Mckinley West offers a No Downpayment term for those afraid of huge cash commitments. Payment of only 28k per month is a luring investment for those interested.

With a trusted expert on your side, you are confident that you are buying right.  


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